We have all had days we wanted to press the Restart button and do the whole thing over. Sometimes, medical emergencies or divorce can put people into financial situations they never could have imagined. A lot of people try to reorganize their debt, only to find that their credit is still negatively affected and that the problem has not been solved. Sometimes, the best solution is to utilize the bankruptcy process to get a new start. Even in some specific cases where personal income taxes are owed (depending on whether the taxes were timely filed and how long the taxes have been filed), chapter 7 bankruptcy relief could be an option, depending on your specific set of facts. In cases where you have fallen behind on your mortgage payment due to other bills, but you want to keep you home, it may be that a chapter 13 repayment plan is best for you. It is important if you are in financial trouble that you speak with someone who can assist you and discuss your full range of options.